Introduction AngularJS

What is AngularJS?

In short AngularJS is a Javascript framework that helps build web applications.

Google is the company developed AngularJS, this is a open source project, this can be freely used, shared and changed by anyone

AngularJS is a framework which is used to build both single page applications & Business line applications. There are many public facing websites built with a Angular, click here to know the customers who already using AngularJS

Benefits of angular:

    Dependency injection
    Two way data binding
    Testing ( right from scratch they developed testing in mind)
    Model View Controller
    Directives (to control DOM elements), Filters etc...

to build angualrJS we need only one script file that is angular.js to get this script file visit here

We can find download link https://angular.js, by clicking the link a popup window will open contains Branch, Build, CDN, Bower, npm and extras fileds.
You can use CDN( Content Delivery Network) to gain the below advantages

    * Better Caching
    * Decreased Latecy
    * Increased parallelism

We will discuss more about these features in future.

to start with angular we have two simple steps, first step is add a reference to the angular script.
Second step will be include ng-app attribute to some where in HTML.

ng-app is a directive in angular, we have many directives in angular, we can find them on angular website api reference.

When ng-app find angular bootstrap itself and starts to manage the section that has ng-app itself.

The example below clearly specifies that the div section contains the ng-app computes the values and result in a proper way,
another section which dont have the ng-app the output displays like a static content

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